Audi A4 with 2001- 2005 of release.
1. Operation and car maintenance service
1.1. The general data
1.2. Keys, locks of doors
1.3. Controls, a combination of devices and the equipment of salon of the car
1.4. Seats and means of passive safety
1.5. Air-conditioning and heating
1.6. Driving and car service
1.6.1. Engine start-up
1.6.2. A manual brake
1.6.3. The help at a parking ahead and behind
1.6.4. System of regulation of speed
1.6.5. An automatic transmission
1.6.6. A klinotsepnoj variator Multitronic
1.6.7. Operation Multitronic
1.6.8. Electronic system of dynamic stabilisation (ЕSР)
1.6.9. The protivoblokirovochnoe device brake systems
1.6.10. Electronic blocking of differential (ЕDS)
1.6.11. System of regulation of a drive of driving wheels (ASR)
1.6.12. The amplifier of a steering drive
1.6.13. System сервотроник
1.6.14. A full drive (Quattro)
1.6.15. Movement with the trailer
1.6.16. The demountable tjagovo-drawbar
1.6.17. The control of level of oil
1.6.18. A cooling liquid
1.6.19. The storage battery
1.6.20. Стеклоомыватель
1.6.21. Wheel replacement
1.6.22. Поднимание the car
1.6.23. Dismantle / wheel installation
1.6.24. The help of start-up of the engine
1.6.25. Safety locks
1.6.26. Lamps накаливания
2. The engine
3. Transmission
4. A running gear
5. The steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. An onboard electric equipment
8. A body
9. Electric equipment schemes



1.6.22. Поднимание the car

For wheel dismantle it is necessary to lift the car a jack.

Fig. 1.173. Places for installation of a jack and поддомкрачивание

On the bottom longeron of a body find the place nearest to a faulty wheel for jack installation (fig. 1.173)
Rotate the handle of the jack located under a nest and deduce its elevating paw on such height that the paw was directly under vertically located edge of a longeron.
Level a jack so that кулачковый grab of an elevating paw And covered a longeron edge, and a mobile heel In rested all surface against the basis (fig. 1.173).
Rotation of the handle of a jack lift the car to a separation from the earth of a faulty wheel.
On the bottom longeron of a body there are the characteristic places designating an arrangement of forward and back nests for installation of a jack. To each wheel there corresponds only one nest. It is not supposed поддомкрачивание in other places.
The distance from a nest for installation of a jack to a corresponding lobby wheel нищи makes about 15 sm, and to back – nearby 25 see
If necessary establish under a jack heel the wide, strong basis. On a slippery surface (for example, a facing tile) enclose under a jack not sliding basis (for example, a rubber rug).

To take measures on prevention соскальзывания jack heels.
jacking out of the designated places can lead to car damages. Besides, it травмоопасно as at an insufficient support of the car at any moment the jack can slip out.

1.6.21. Wheel replacement

1.6.23. Dismantle / wheel installation