Audi A4 with 2001- 2005 of release.
1. Operation and car maintenance service
1.1. The general data
1.2. Keys, locks of doors
1.3. Controls, a combination of devices and the equipment of salon of the car
1.4. Seats and means of passive safety
1.5. Air-conditioning and heating
1.6. Driving and car service
1.6.1. Engine start-up
1.6.2. A manual brake
1.6.3. The help at a parking ahead and behind
1.6.4. System of regulation of speed
1.6.5. An automatic transmission
1.6.6. A klinotsepnoj variator Multitronic
1.6.7. Operation Multitronic
1.6.8. Electronic system of dynamic stabilisation (ЕSР)
1.6.9. The protivoblokirovochnoe device brake systems
1.6.10. Electronic blocking of differential (ЕDS)
1.6.11. System of regulation of a drive of driving wheels (ASR)
1.6.12. The amplifier of a steering drive
1.6.13. System сервотроник
1.6.14. A full drive (Quattro)
1.6.15. Movement with the trailer
1.6.16. The demountable tjagovo-drawbar
1.6.17. The control of level of oil
1.6.18. A cooling liquid
1.6.19. The storage battery
1.6.20. Стеклоомыватель
1.6.21. Wheel replacement
1.6.22. Поднимание the car
1.6.23. Dismantle / wheel installation
1.6.24. The help of start-up of the engine
1.6.25. Safety locks
1.6.26. Lamps накаливания
2. The engine
3. Transmission
4. A running gear
5. The steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. An onboard electric equipment
8. A body
9. Electric equipment schemes



1.6.11. System of regulation of a drive of driving wheels (ASR)

The system of regulation of a drive of driving wheels prevents пробуксовывание driving wheels at car dispersal.
The system of regulation of a drive of driving wheels (ASR) is a component of electronic system of dynamic stabilisation (ESP).
Under adverse road conditions the system of regulation of a drive of driving wheels (ASR) considerably facilitates трогание from a place, dispersal and movement uphill.

Action principle
ASR works in an automatic mode, i.e. without participation of the driver. By means of sensor controls ABS the device supervises frequency of rotation of driving wheels. At пробуксовывании wheels there is a reduction of frequency of rotation of a shaft of the engine and by that the traction effort is brought with road conditions into accord. The device works in all range of speeds.
ASR works together with ABS. At malfunction ABS will not work and ASR.

Condition of trouble-free work ASR is installation of the same tyres on all four wheels of the car. Unequal tyres can lead to undesirable decrease in capacity of the engine.

Wear process of overlays brake pads is appreciably defined by service conditions and a manner of driving of the car. Deterioration is considerably accelerated at frequent movement in city conditions and on small distances or at a sports manner of driving.
In certain situations, for example, after journey on water, at a strong rain or after a sink of the car, the brake effect can be late because of humidifying, and in the winter even to come the icing of brake overlays or disks. In this case dry brakes притормаживанием.
Delay of brake effect probably also after a long break in using brakes at driving on the roads, strewed by salt. First of all remove подтормаживанием a salt layer on brake disks and overlays.

Occurrence of corrosion of brake disks and pollution of overlays are promoted by long idle standing of the car, insignificant run and low loadings of brake system.
At low loading of brake system, and also at corrosion occurrence it is recommended clean brake disks and overlays strong enough repeated braking on average speed of the car.

Malfunction of brake system
The sudden increase in a course of a brake pedal can объяснимитеся refusal of one of contours of two-planimetric brake system. Urgently address on the nearest specialised enterprise for malfunction elimination. Thus езжайте slowly and on road remember increase in effort at a pedal of a brake and increase in a brake way.

Low level of a brake liquid
At falling of level of a brake liquid there can be malfunctions of brake system. Level of a brake liquid is supervised by electronics.

To carry out braking for the purpose of cleaning of brake system it is possible only under favorable road conditions and provided that it will not represent danger to other participants of traffic.
Never brake easy pressing a brake pedal if in it really there is no necessity. It conducts to an overheat of brakes and by that to increase in a brake way and the raised deterioration.
At long movement under a bias lower preliminary speed, include the following hill-climbing gear (a mechanical transmission) or the lowered range (an automatic transmission). Thereby the brake effect of the engine is used and loading of brake system decreases. Brake in case of need with intervals, instead of it is long.

The amplifier of a brake drive
The amplifier of a brake drive helps braking.
The amplifier of a brake drive strengthens pressure by pressing of a pedal of a brake. The amplifier operates only at the working engine.

The amplifier of a brake drive operates only in the presence of the vacuum created by working engine. Therefore never suppose car movements накатом with the idle engine.

When the amplifier of a brake drive does not work, for example, because of its damage or necessity of towage of the car the effort to a brake pedal should be much more usual.

1.6.10. Electronic blocking of differential (ЕDS)

1.6.12. The amplifier of a steering drive