Audi A4 with 2001- 2005 of release.
1. Operation and car maintenance service
1.1. The general data
1.2. Keys, locks of doors
1.3. Controls, a combination of devices and the equipment of salon of the car
1.4. Seats and means of passive safety
1.5. Air-conditioning and heating
1.6. Driving and car service
1.6.1. Engine start-up
1.6.2. A manual brake
1.6.3. The help at a parking ahead and behind
1.6.4. System of regulation of speed
1.6.5. An automatic transmission
1.6.6. A klinotsepnoj variator Multitronic
1.6.7. Operation Multitronic
1.6.8. Electronic system of dynamic stabilisation (ЕSР)
1.6.9. The protivoblokirovochnoe device brake systems
1.6.10. Electronic blocking of differential (ЕDS)
1.6.11. System of regulation of a drive of driving wheels (ASR)
1.6.12. The amplifier of a steering drive
1.6.13. System сервотроник
1.6.14. A full drive (Quattro)
1.6.15. Movement with the trailer
1.6.16. The demountable tjagovo-drawbar
1.6.17. The control of level of oil
1.6.18. A cooling liquid
1.6.19. The storage battery
1.6.20. Стеклоомыватель
1.6.21. Wheel replacement
1.6.22. Поднимание the car
1.6.23. Dismantle / wheel installation
1.6.24. The help of start-up of the engine
1.6.25. Safety locks
1.6.26. Lamps накаливания
2. The engine
3. Transmission
4. A running gear
5. The steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. An onboard electric equipment
8. A body
9. Electric equipment schemes



1.6.21. Wheel replacement

Replacement of a wheel demands preliminary preparation.
In case of tyre "puncture" stop on an equal surface and whenever possible far away from a transport stream.
Tighten completely a manual brake.
Include the first transfer (a mechanical transmission) or establish a control lever of an automatic transmission in position „Р.
To disconnect the trailer from the car (at trailer operation).
Take from a luggage carrier the complete set of the tool and a spare wheel.

At wheel replacement by road with brisk movement include the emergency light alarm system and expose a sign on an emergency stop.

Removal of decorative caps
For access to wheel bolts remove decorative caps.

Fig. 1.170. Removal of a decorative cap at wheel replacement

Enter entering into the tool complete set wire capture into an aperture of a decorative cap (fig. 1.170).
Pull and remove a decorative cap.

Removal of wheel bolts from caps
Before отворачиванием wheel bolts remove caps.
Pull entering into the tool complete set a plastic clip over a cap. Thus internal clamps of a clip should be latched in a cap fillet.

Fig. 1.171. Removal of caps

Remove a cap entering into the tool complete set a plastic clip (fig. 1.171).

Страгивание and a tightening of wheel bolts
Страгивайте wheel bolts and only then lift the car.
Put on баллонный a key against the stop a wheel bolt.

Fig. 1.172. Страгивание wheel bolts

Turn away a wheel bolt approximately on one turn to the left (fig. 1.172) Thus hold the key handle as it is possible more close by its end.

Put on баллонный a key against the stop a wheel bolt
Tighten a bolt of a wheel rotation баллонного a key clockwise. Thus hold the key handle as it is possible more close by its end.

While the car costs on the earth, it is necessary to shift only wheel bolts approximately on one turn.

Executed in the screw-driver handle internal шестигранником it is impossible to use for страгивания or for an inhaling of wheel bolts.
Cautiously press a foot edge of the handle of a key if the bolt does not move.

1.6.20. Стеклоомыватель

1.6.22. Поднимание the car