Audi A4 with 2001- 2005 of release.
1. Operation and car maintenance service
2. The engine
2.1. The general data
2.2. Predvaritlnye checks
2.3. A Mehanichsky part (petrol engines 2,0л)
2.4. Greasing system
2.5. Cooling system
2.6. Injection system
2.7. System of release of the fulfilled gases
2.8. A mechanical part (petrol engines 3,0; 3,2)
2.8.1. Engine number
2.8.2. Removal and installation semi wedge a belt
2.8.3. Removal and installation damperа крутильных fluctuations
2.8.4. Removal and installation of a forward sealing flange crankshaftа with an epiploon crankshaftа
2.8.5. Removal and installation of a two-mass flywheel (cars from a manual transmission)
2.8.6. Removal and запрессовка the needle bearing of a two-mass flywheel (cars from a manual transmission)
2.8.7. Removal and installation of a conducted disk (cars with АКПП)
2.8.8. Epiploon replacement crankshaftа from outside a chain drive
2.8.9. Removal and installation of the left and right covers приводных chains
2.8.10. Removal and installation of the bottom cover driving chains
2.8.11. A camshaft drive
2.8.12. Removal of a chain drive from cam-shafts, removal and installation натяжителя chains
2.8.13. Removal and installation of a chain of a drive of the oil pump and балансирного a shaft
2.8.14. Removal and installation балансирного a shaft
2.8.15. Removal and installation of a cranked shaft
2.8.16. Shatunno-piston group
2.8.17. Check of a radial backlash of rods
2.8.18. Compression check
2.8.19. Removal and installation of cam-shafts
2.8.20. Replacement маслосъемных caps
2.8.21. Check of basic elements with hydrojacks
2.8.22. Check of directing plugs of valves
2.9. A mechanical part (petrol engines 4,2)
2.10. A mechanical part (diesel engines 2,0)
2.11. Tables
3. Transmission
4. A running gear
5. The steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. An onboard electric equipment
8. A body
9. Electric equipment schemes



2.8.20. Replacement маслосъемных caps

Operating procedure
Remove camshafts.
Mark for the further installation an arrangement of roller levers and basic elements.
Take roller levers together with basic elements and put them on a pure lining.
Unscrew spark plugs a candle key.
Establish the mandrel on a plate клапанной springs and beat out got stuck checks of valves a plastic hammer.

Fig. 2.386. Installation of a directing plate from the adaptation for installation valve checks on ГБЦ

Establish directing plate from the adaptation for installation valve checks on ГБЦ (fig. 2.386).
Fix directing plate bolts with накаткой.
Twist by hand the adapter with a sealing ring in a nest of a corresponding spark plug and constantly to force pressure.
The minimum pressure: 6 bar of superfluous pressure.
Twist the adaptation with a pendant plug in directing plate.
Insert an adjusting cartridge into directing plate.

Fig. 2.387. Cave-in of an adjusting cartridge

Suspend a plug on the adaptation and press an adjusting cartridge downwards (fig. 2.387).
Simultaneously turn a bolt with накаткой an adjusting cartridge to the right while the ends will be not included into valve checks.
Slightly turn a bolt with накаткой forward and back, at the expense of it valve crackers are unclenched also a cartridge is grasped.
Release a press plug.
Take an adjusting cartridge.
Turn off directing plate and take aside.
The hose of forced air remains attached.
Remove клапанную a spring with a plate.

Fig. 2.388. Removal маслосъемного a cap

Remove маслосъемные caps by means of a stripper (fig. 2.388).
If because of a lack of a place the stripper supply to маслосъемным to caps is not possible, for this purpose

Fig. 2.173. Выпрессовка a pin and nozzle removal

выпрессуйте a tension pin of a stripper оправкой also remove a stripper nozzle (fig. 2.173).
Put the bottom part to маслосъемному to a cap.

Fig. 2.389. Fixing маслосъемного a cap with the help send

Fix with the help send or a tap 1 how it is shown in drawing 2.389.
Establish the adjusting lever on and take маслосъемный a cap.

Fig. 2.175. Installation new маслосъемного a cap

The complete set new маслосъемных caps includes the plastic plug And (fig. 2.175).

Establish the plastic plug And on a core of the valve in order to avoid damages new маслосъемных caps of Century
Slightly grease a working edge маслосъемного a cap.
Spread маслосъемный a cap on the plastic plug.
Accurately запрессуйте a cap with the help on directing plug of the valve.
Again remove the plastic plug.

Fig. 2.176. The adjusting adaptation

After extraction the check of the valve from an adjusting cartridge at first is necessary for inserting them into the adjusting adaptation (fig. 2.176).
Bolshy diameter valve checks is directed upwards.
Establish клапанную a spring and a plate.

Fig. 2.390. Narrow coils of a spring

Narrow coils of a spring are directed to ГБЦ (fig. 2.390).
Again fasten directing plate to ГБЦ.
Establish an adjusting cartridge in directing plate.
Press a press plug downwards and unscrew a bolt with накаткой upwards – checks of valves (fig. 2.387) thus are inserted.
Unload a press plug at even extended bolt with накатанной a head.
Watch that all roller levers have been correctly enclosed to the ends of cores of valves and заклипсованы in a corresponding basic element.
Establish cam-shafts.
Screw spark plugs.

After installation of cam-shafts the engine it should is impossible to get Hydrojacks within approximately 30 minutes to be besieged (differently valves will be adjoin to pistons).

After works over клапанным the mechanism scroll the engine by hand not less than two turns that be convinced that any valve does not adjoin to the piston.

2.8.19. Removal and installation of cam-shafts

2.8.21. Check of basic elements with hydrojacks