Audi A4 with 2001- 2005 of release.
1. Operation and car maintenance service
2. The engine
3. Transmission
4. A running gear
4.1. Wheels and tyres
4.1.1. The general information on wheels and tyres
4.1.2. Specifications for re-equipment of disks and tyres
4.1.3. Indexes of speed of tyres
4.1.4. Marks on disks
4.1.5. Compound disks
4.1.6. Deterioration and ходимость tyres
4.1.7. Deterioration of high-speed tyres
4.1.8. Service of tyres
4.1.9. In regular intervals worn out tyres
4.1.10. Measurement of height of drawing of a protector
4.1.11. Unilateral deterioration
4.1.12. Diagonal non-uniform deterioration
4.1.13. Noise качения tyres
4.1.14. Balancing
4.1.15. Radial and lateral palpation of wheels and tyres
4.1.16. Check of radial and lateral palpation of a disk with the tyre by means of the indicator of hour type for tyres V.A.G 1435
4.1.17. Minimisation
4.1.18. Lateral withdrawal of the car
4.1.19. Elimination of lateral withdrawal
4.1.20. Damages of tyres
4.1.21. A design of the radial tyre
4.1.22. Loss of pressure of air in tyres
4.1.23. Damages of tyres because of errors at mounting (assembly damages)
4.1.24. Marks sidewallsы tyres
4.1.25. Shift of wheels
4.1.26. Instructions on replacement and installation of wheels
4.1.27. Change of tyres
4.1.28. Removal and installation of the case of the metal gate
4.2. The general data on a car running gear
4.3. Repair of a suspension bracket of forward wheels
4.4. A back suspension bracket
4.5. Tables
5. The steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. An onboard electric equipment
8. A body
9. Electric equipment schemes



4.1.19. Elimination of lateral withdrawal

Conditions of check to and during a trial trip
Check up all elements of a suspension bracket of a forward and back axis on presence of damages.
Check up and if necessary modify pressure of air in tyres.
Check up tyres on presence of outer defects. Punctures, cuts, swellings on sidewallsах, local deterioration because of braking with the blocked wheels and-or protector damages.
Whether find out there was in the tyre a puncture, for example, the nail or similar damages and whether made repair at the dealer of tyres. In the presence of their such tyres it is necessary to replace.
Check up uniformity of deterioration and depth of a protector of all tyres.
Establish, whether all tyres of one type, model and have identical drawing of a protector.
At tyres with not directed drawing of a protector check, that all designations DOT was outside. Probably, on the car replacement of tyres or wheels earlier was already made.
It is a question of types of the tyres admitted by factory for a complete set by manufacturer.
For a trial trip use equal, direct, not inclined road without колейности.
Execute a trial trip, considering named conditions all above.

At the moment of a trial trip there should not be a strong lateral wind.

Before the beginning of works it is necessary to familiarise with following instructions, otherwise expenditures of labour can be vain.

Before the first shift mark tyres/disks, for example, ПЛ, software, ЗЛ, ЗП.

After shift of wheels or change of a direction of the tyre with a disk it is necessary to track behaviour of the car at a trial trip. Mark, what tyres and-or disks перестанавливались.
Thus it is necessary to define intensity or change of lateral withdrawal.
Thus trial trips should be spent necessarily by one master and on the same site of road. It is better to pass a test site in both parties.
Replacement of the tyre by the new does not provide elimination of lateral withdrawal. Therefore it is recommended to rearrange purposefully at first wheels as it is described more low.
At the big difference in the heart of a protector of tyres on forward and back axes, tyres with большей depth of a protector should be mounted always on a forward axis.

4.1.18. Lateral withdrawal of the car

4.1.20. Damages of tyres