Audi A4 with 2001- 2005 of release.
1. Operation and car maintenance service
2. The engine
3. Transmission
4. A running gear
4.1. Wheels and tyres
4.1.1. The general information on wheels and tyres
4.1.2. Specifications for re-equipment of disks and tyres
4.1.3. Indexes of speed of tyres
4.1.4. Marks on disks
4.1.5. Compound disks
4.1.6. Deterioration and ходимость tyres
4.1.7. Deterioration of high-speed tyres
4.1.8. Service of tyres
4.1.9. In regular intervals worn out tyres
4.1.10. Measurement of height of drawing of a protector
4.1.11. Unilateral deterioration
4.1.12. Diagonal non-uniform deterioration
4.1.13. Noise качения tyres
4.1.14. Balancing
4.1.15. Radial and lateral palpation of wheels and tyres
4.1.16. Check of radial and lateral palpation of a disk with the tyre by means of the indicator of hour type for tyres V.A.G 1435
4.1.17. Minimisation
4.1.18. Lateral withdrawal of the car
4.1.19. Elimination of lateral withdrawal
4.1.20. Damages of tyres
4.1.21. A design of the radial tyre
4.1.22. Loss of pressure of air in tyres
4.1.23. Damages of tyres because of errors at mounting (assembly damages)
4.1.24. Marks sidewallsы tyres
4.1.25. Shift of wheels
4.1.26. Instructions on replacement and installation of wheels
4.1.27. Change of tyres
4.1.28. Removal and installation of the case of the metal gate
4.2. The general data on a car running gear
4.3. Repair of a suspension bracket of forward wheels
4.4. A back suspension bracket
4.5. Tables
5. The steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. An onboard electric equipment
8. A body
9. Electric equipment schemes



4.1.12. Diagonal non-uniform deterioration

Diagonal non-uniform deterioration of tyres

Fig. 4.10. Diagonal non-uniform deterioration of tyres

Diagonal stains of non-uniform deterioration pass at an angle approximately 45 rather to a direction of a circle of the tyre (fig. 4.10).
More often on all circle of a protector such stain one, but sometimes meet and some shabby stains.
Such stains of deterioration meet almost exclusively on tyres неприводных wheels, especially on the back left. There are models of cars on which such deterioration of tyres, and also the models completely relieved of similar problems is often shown. The given effect amplifies a strong convergence. The values of the convergence lying at the bottom limit of the admission of ordered adjustments, improve the deterioration characteristic.
In area of the most strongly worn out diagonal stains often there is a joint of elements of the tyre.
Wheels with a positive convergence even at rectilinear movement by inertia slide with a corner of lateral withdrawal. It conducts to diagonal deformation in a zone of contact of the tyre with a road covering.
At driving with insufficiently beefy tyres such character of deterioration increases. For avoiding of similar deterioration the convergence of both back wheels should be identical, besides it is necessary watch correctness of pressure of air in tyres.
At detection of stains of non-uniform deterioration these wheels are recommended to be established on a leading axis provided that deterioration still is in an early stage. Deeper stains of non-uniform deterioration are incurable.

Adjustment error
At the complaint to diagonal stains of non-uniform deterioration it is necessary check up convergence adjustment. If a convergence in norm the reason with the big degree of probability is covered in the tyre.
Tyres with diagonal stains of the non-uniform deterioration, appeared because of wrong adjustment of corners of installation of wheels, do not fall under a guarantee.

4.1.11. Unilateral deterioration

4.1.13. Noise качения tyres