Audi A4 with 2001- 2005 of release.
1. Operation and car maintenance service
2. The engine
2.1. The general data
2.2. Predvaritlnye checks
2.3. A Mehanichsky part (petrol engines 2,0л)
2.4. Greasing system
2.5. Cooling system
2.6. Injection system
2.7. System of release of the fulfilled gases
2.8. A mechanical part (petrol engines 3,0; 3,2)
2.9. A mechanical part (petrol engines 4,2)
2.10. A mechanical part (diesel engines 2,0)
2.10.1. Engine number
2.10.2. Candles накаливания
2.10.3. Removal and installation semi wedge a belt
2.10.4. Removal and installation of a tension element semi wedge a belt
2.10.5. Removal and installation гасителя крутильных fluctuations
2.10.6. Removal and installation of an arm of additional units
2.10.7. Removal and installation of a gear belt
2.10.8. Updating of phases timing
2.10.9. Проворачивание crankshaftа to ВМТ
2.10.10. Sealing flanges and a two-mass flywheel / a flywheel
2.10.11. Removal and flywheel installation, cars with multitronic
2.10.12. Shatunno-piston group
2.10.13. Removal and installation of a cover of a head of the block of cylinders
2.10.14. Repair клапанного the mechanism
2.10.15. Removal and installation of cam-shafts
2.10.16. Removal and installation of roller levers
2.10.17. Replacement маслосъемных caps
2.10.18. Check of hydraulic pushers
2.11. Tables
3. Transmission
4. A running gear
5. The steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. An onboard electric equipment
8. A body
9. Electric equipment schemes



2.10.10. Sealing flanges and a two-mass flywheel / a flywheel

Fig. 2.498. Sealing flanges and a two-mass flywheel: 1 – the gauge of number of turns of the engine; 2 – a bolt 4,5 Нм; 3 – a bolt 15 Нм; 4 – a sealing cuff; 5 – a forward sealing flange; 6 – a bolt 15 Нм; 7 – the oil pallet; 8 – the block of cylinders; 9 – a two-mass flywheel/flywheel; 10 – a bolt of fastening of a two-mass flywheel/flywheel; 11 – an intermediate guard; 12 – a gauge ring; 13 – a bolt 15 Нм; 14 – a back sealing flange with a sealing cuff

Installation of an intermediate guard

Fig. 2.93. Check of installation of a flange

Suspend an intermediate guard on a sealing flange and spread it on adjusting plugs (fig. 2.93).

Replacement манжетного consolidations crankshaftа on the party of a belt pulley
Result a radiator framework in service position.
Remove полиwedge a belt.
Remove a gear belt.

Fig. 2.499. Gear wheel fixing crankshaftа

Remove a gear wheel crankshaftа for what fix it by means of a countersupport (fig. 2.499).

Fig. 2.112. Installation of the central bolt in crankshaft

Before stripper installation манжетного consolidations twist the central bolt of a gear wheel in crankshaft against the stop (fig. 2.112).

Fig. 2.113. Вкручивание a carving head in манжетное consolidation

Unscrew an internal part of a stripper манжетного consolidations on eight turns from an external part and fix a bolt with накаткой (fig. 2.113).
Grease a carving head of a stripper with engine oil, establish and, strongly having pressed, twist it as it is possible more deeply in манжетное consolidation.
Loosen the a bolt with накаткой and to turn an internal part of a stripper against crankshaftа while манжетное consolidation will not be extended.
Clamp a stripper flat places in a vice.
Remove манжетное consolidation by pincers.
Clear working and adjoining surfaces.

Replace the bolts tightened on a certain corner.
Working edge and external edge манжетного consolidation before запрессовкой do not grease.

Fig. 2.500. Installation of the directing plug on a sock crankshaftа

Spread directing plug on a sock crankshaftа (fig. 2.500).
Spread манжетное consolidation through directing plug.

Fig. 2.501. Запрессовка an epiploon

Запрессуйте манжетное consolidation заподлицо with the press plug and the central bolt (fig. 2.501).
Replace the central bolt of a gear wheel.
On adjoining surfaces between driving an asterisk of a gear belt and crankshaftом there should not be an oil.
Gear wheel bolt crankshaftа in addition do not grease.
Establish a gear wheel crankshaftа, for this purpose to hold a gear wheel by means of a countersupport.
The further installation is carried out in return sequence.
Establish a gear belt (adjust phases timing).
Establish гаситель крутильных fluctuations.
Establish полиwedge a belt.
Establish a framework of a radiator with hinged elements.
Lower an emphasis of a forward support at the expense of a body weight on the rubber buffer and tighten nuts.

Fig. 2.96. Fastening of the rubber buffer

Establish an overlay of a forward bumper (fig. 2.96).

The inhaling moments
Asterisk of a drive of a gear belt to crankshaftу*: 120 Нм +90 **.
Emphasis of a forward support to a radiator framework: 28 Нм.
Shlangovye collars, width of 9 mm: 3 Нм.
Shlangovye collars, width of 13 mm: 5,5 Нм.
* Replace a bolt.
** 90 there correspond turn quarters.

2.10.9. Проворачивание crankshaftа to ВМТ

2.10.11. Removal and flywheel installation, cars with multitronic