Audi A4 with 2001- 2005 of release.
1. Operation and car maintenance service
2. The engine
3. Transmission
4. A running gear
5. The steering mechanism
6. Brake system
6.1. Preliminary checks
6.2. Repair of brake system
6.3. Repair of brakes of forward wheels
6.3.1. Removal and installation brake pads
6.3.2. A brake of forward wheels FN3
6.3.3. Removal and installation brake pads
6.3.4. A ceramic brake of forward wheels CSIC
6.3.5. Removal and installation brake pads
6.3.6. Removal and installation brake pads (a brake of back wheels C38)
6.3.7. A brake of back wheels RS4 (TYPE 8EC) / C43
6.3.8. Removal and installation of cables of a lay brake, cars from a forward drive
6.3.9. Removal and installation of cables of a lay brake (cars with a full drive)
6.3.10. Removal and installation of the lever of a manual brake
6.3.11. Removal and installation of a basic pillow for a brake pedal
6.4. System ABS
6.5. Tables
7. An onboard electric equipment
8. A body
9. Electric equipment schemes



6.3.2. A brake of forward wheels FN3

Fig. 6.33. Components of forward brake FN3: 1 – a cover of a brake disk; 2 – фланцевый a bolt, 10 Нoм; 3 – a brake hose; 4 – the holder; 5 – a bolt with шестигранной a head, 10 Нм; 6 – spring bracket; 7 – the brake pipeline; 8 – штекерное connection; 9 – a bolt, 190 Нм; 10 – the skoba-holder; 11 – brake pads; 12 – a keeping spring; 13 – a brake disk; 14 – the screw; 15 – wheel bolts; 16 – the case of a brake support; 17 – a directing bolt, 30 Нм; 18 – a cap

After replacement brake pads some times strongly press a brake pedal. It is necessary that brake pads have occupied the working position.
For откачки a brake liquid from a broad tank use capacity for pumping out which adjoins only to a brake liquid. The brake liquid is poisonous substance, therefore it in no event cannot be pumped out a mouth through a hose.

Internal колодка (with распорной a spring) it is designated by an arrow. The arrow should specify in a direction of rotation of a brake disk at driving directly. Wrong installation can lead raised шумности at braking.

Before installation pads clear directing surfaces and to put a layer of greasing on the basis of polyurea.
External brake pads are supplied on a back plate pads by a sticky film. Before installation the protective film should be removed.
The indicator of deterioration of brakes is established in front at the left and on the right.
At corresponding degree of deterioration on a combination of devices the control lamp lights up.
Always replace on both wheels of an axis.

Before installation new brake pads it is necessary to clear carefully brake supports of pollution to (degrease). Thus it is necessary to give special attention to removal of the possible rests of a sticky film on adjoining surfaces external brake pads.

After installation pads it is necessary to press a fixing spring into both apertures of a support under the skobu-holder. At wrong installation deterioration external brake pads is not regulated, because of what the free wheeling of a pedal of a brake increases.

6.3.1. Removal and installation brake pads

6.3.3. Removal and installation brake pads