Audi A4 with 2001- 2005 of release.
1. Operation and car maintenance service
2. The engine
3. Transmission
3.1. Coupling
3.2. A mechanical transmission
3.3. An automatic transmission
3.3.1. Marks КП
3.3.2. Refuelling volumes
3.3.3. Check of level of oil ATF and its pouring
3.3.4. The general instructions for repair carrying out
3.3.5. Electronic elements АКПП and places of their installation
3.3.6. Check of a drive of inclusion of transfers
3.3.7. Removal and installation of a drive of inclusion of transfers
3.3.8. Removal and installation of the handle of selector AKPP
3.3.9. Adjustment of a cable of selector AKPP
3.3.10. Removal and installation блокиратора
3.3.11. Adjustment блокиратора
3.4. The privodnoj mechanism
3.5. Tables
4. A running gear
5. The steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. An onboard electric equipment
8. A body
9. Electric equipment schemes



3.3.11. Adjustment блокиратора

According to more low resulted instructions there is no necessity to remove the average console.
Разрежте an adjusting template блокиратора by a back part of a groove grinding circle.

Operating procedure
Lower an adjustable steering column up to the end downwards and remove back to a place of the driver against the stop.
Remove the panel of a drive of inclusion of transfers.
Remove an ashtray of the average console
Loosen the a bolt 1.

Fig. 3.105. Removal блокиратора: 1 – блокиратор

The support 2 блокиратора should move by hand (fig. 3.105).
Insert an adjusting template блокиратора between a lever finger блокиратора and an eye блокиратора.
Pull for блокиратор and wrap a bolt the moment 9 Нм.
Remove an adjusting template.
Check blocking of the ignition key after each adjustment блокиратора.

The inhaling moment
Блокиратор to a support: 9 Нм.

3.3.10. Removal and installation блокиратора

3.4. The privodnoj mechanism