Audi A4 with 2001- 2005 of release.
1. Operation and car maintenance service
2. The engine
3. Transmission
4. A running gear
5. The steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. An onboard electric equipment
8. A body
8.1. Hinged elements of a body
8.2. Doors, locks of doors and the roof hatch
8.3. Osteklenie bodies
8.3.1. Removal and installation of the gauge of a rain
8.3.2. Windscreen removal
8.3.3. Preparation for glass installation
8.3.4. Windscreen installation
8.3.5. Removal of the intact lateral glass
8.3.6. Preparation for glass installation
8.3.7. Installation of lateral glass
8.3.8. Removal of the intact back glass
8.3.9. Removal of the broken back glass
8.3.10. Preparation for glass installation
8.3.11. Installation of back glass
9. Electric equipment schemes



8.3.1. Removal and installation of the gauge of a rain

At removal of the gauge of a rain there is a film damage. Therefore before its installation it is necessary to replace.

Fig. 8.82. Windscreen components: 1 – a windscreen; 2 – the glutinous platen; 3 – the buffer of 5 pieces; 4 – кедер; 5 – a cover of a water taking away box

Removal of the gauge of a rain
The rear-view mirror should be removed.

Fig. 8.83. Components of the gauge of a rain

Remove скобы 3 from a fixing plate of 1 leg of a mirror (fig. 8.83).
Disconnect a socket of the gauge of a rain.
Take out the gauge of a rain from a mirror leg.
Thus on a windscreen there is pasted a film from the gauge.
If former glass is established, completely remove a film from glass.
Clear a surface by means of cleaner D 009 401 04.

Installation of the gauge of a rain

Fig. 8.84. Removal of a film from a surface of the gauge of a rain

If necessary remove the rests of a film from the rain gauge (fig. 8.84).

If the former gauge of a rain operate as follows is established.

In addition clear a surface by means of cleaner D 009 401 04.

On a gauge surface there should not be film rests.

Fig. 8.85. Removal of a silicone paper

Remove a silicone paper from a gauge film (fig. 8.85).
The transparent protective film at first remains on a film of the gauge as auxiliary means.

Fig. 8.86. Packing of a protective film

Arrange a film of the gauge by means of a transparent protective film on the rain gauge (fig. 8.86).

Fig. 8.87. Pressing of a protective film

Press a film, as is shown in drawing 8.87 in an arrow direction, to the gauge of a rain and smooth bubbles.

Fig. 8.88. Removal of a protective film

After that remove a transparent protective film from a gauge film (fig. 8.88).
Spray a gauge film on all surface cleaner D 009 401 04 and insert the gauge into a mirror leg.

For excellent job of the gauge of a rain on a surface of contact to a windscreen there should not be extraneous inclusions and bubbles.

Establish assembly bracket the gauge on a mirror leg.

8.3. Osteklenie bodies

8.3.2. Windscreen removal