Audi A4 with 2001- 2005 of release.
1. Operation and car maintenance service
1.1. The general data
1.2. Keys, locks of doors
1.3. Controls, a combination of devices and the equipment of salon of the car
1.4. Seats and means of passive safety
1.5. Air-conditioning and heating
1.5.1. Heating and ventilation system
1.5.2. Дефлекторы
1.5.3. A mode of giving of fresh air
1.5.4. The conditioner
1.5.5. Controls кондицонером
1.5.6. An independent heater and the fan
1.5.7. Management of the menu of an independent heater
1.6. Driving and car service
2. The engine
3. Transmission
4. A running gear
5. The steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. An onboard electric equipment
8. A body
9. Electric equipment schemes

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1.5.5. Controls кондицонером

Fig. 1.136. Controls the conditioner

The left display serves for indication of the set temperature on the party of the driver, and right for indication of the set temperature on the party of the forward passenger.
All modes of the conditioner join and switched off by pressing of keys. At the included mode in a corresponding key the diode burns.
Do not close the lattice located between keys . Behind a lattice there are measuring sensor controls.
Do not stick a lattice.
Do not clean a lattice a vacuum cleaner. Otherwise it is possible to damage the measuring devices located behind it.
Automatic mode AUTO
Recommended all-weather typical adjustment.
Inclusion of an automatic mode:
– Set temperature in limits from + 18 С to +29 С;
– Press a key AUTO.
In an automatic mode the set temperature is supported and humidity of air in salon decreases. The temperature, quantity and air distribution are regulated automatically by criterion of the quickest achievement and the subsequent maintenance of the necessary temperature in salon. Automatic reaction to fluctuations of temperature of external air, and also to sun influence is thus provided.
The given mode is possible only in a temperature range from +18 С to +29 С. At the established temperature less than +18 С on the display there is an indication LO. At temperature more than +29 С there is an indication HI. In final positions LO and HI the system constantly works in a mode maximum хладо – or теплопроизводительности. Thus there is no temperature regulation.

Long pressing of a key AUTO on the party of the driver it is possible to switch a mode of regulation of temperature to the party of the forward passenger and on the contrary. Indication of new temperature is deduced on the display.

Having warmed (thawing) of glasses
For inclusion press a key.
For deenergizing again press the same key or a key AUTO.
The temperature is regulated automatically. The maximum giving of air is carried out mainly on channels 1 and 2.
By pressing of a key a mode рециркуляции and an economic mode ECON are switched off.

Manual mode рециркуляции
In a mode рециркуляции hit in salon of the car of polluted external air is substantially prevented.
Mode inclusion рециркуляции:
– Press a key.
Mode deenergizing рециркуляции:
– Again press a key, or a key AUTO, or press a key.
In a mode рециркуляции air access is from the outside blocked, and its volume is distributed in salon on a circle. The mode рециркуляции is recommended to be included in following situations:
– At movement through a tunnel or in a transport stopper for prevention of hit of external air in salon.

Movement in a mode рециркуляции should not be too long-term since in salon fresh air does not arrive and at the switched off conditioner glasses can mist over.

Economic mode ECON
The economic mode promotes economy of fuel.
For inclusion press a key ECON.
For deenergizing again press a key ECON or a key AUTO.
In a mode ECON the compressor does not work. Heater and fan function is regulated automatically. Fuel is saved thanks to switching-off of the refrigerating unit (compressor).
Remember that in a mode ECON the temperature in salon should not be below external temperature. Otherwise air will not be cooled and its humidity will not decrease. Glasses as a result can mist over.
Mode inclusion ECON the car with the diesel engine disconnects an additional heater and by that fuel is saved.

If after mode deenergizing ECON (conditioner inclusion) in a key continues to burn the diode, means the conditioner is faulty.

Automatic mode рециркуляции

Fig. 1.137. A key of an automatic mode рециркуляции

The sensor control of quality of air defines the raised concentration of harmful substances in external air and automatically includes a mode рециркуляции.
Mode inclusion рециркуляции:
– Press a key.
Mode deenergizing рециркуляции:
– Again press a key, or a key AUTO, or press a key.
The automatic mode рециркуляции should be included whenever possible always.
The device is ready for operation through 30 with the ambassador of inclusion of ignition/start-up of the engine. In the given time interval in the car fresh air arrives only.
Degree of impurity of external air is estimated by the sensor control of quality of air located in the conditioner which, depending on impurity level, gives a command of clearing of air by means of serially established filter of catching of harmful substances or a command of inclusion of a mode рециркуляции. At high concentration of harmful substances the conditioner is automatically switched to a mode рециркуляции and by that access of external air to salon is blocked. At decrease in degree of impurity of external air in salon fresh air again starts to arrive.
The maximum duration of an automatic mode рециркуляции makes 12 minutes At запотевании glasses at once press a key.
Under certain conditions operation (for example, program position) the automatic mode рециркуляции is switched off. In a mode ECON and temperature less–8 С time of an automatic mode рециркуляции is limited 12 with.

The conditioner and economy of fuel
Competent operation of the conditioner helps to save fuel.
Working in a mode of cooling the conditioner reduces capacity of the engine and influences the fuel expense. Therefore for the maximum minimisation of time of inclusion of the given mode it is necessary to include for economy of fuel a mode ECON.
At opening during movement of windows or podemno-sdvizhnoj roof panels include a mode ECON.
At strong heating of the car as a result of sun influence open for short time of a door and a window.

The conditioner operated a key
At ignition inclusion the parametres of the conditioner programmed on a key automatically are reproduced.
Actual parametres of adjustment of the conditioner are programmed automatically and correspond to a used key. At engine start-up the parametres programmed on a given key automatically are reproduced. Thus, each driver can automatically reproduce the key adjustment preferred to it, without resorting each time to new adjustment.

The car with podemno-sdvizhnoj the panel of a roof with the solar battery
At a sufficient sunlight the fan after ignition deenergizing continues to work on a solar energy in a mode of giving of fresh air.
After deenergizing of ignition the fan is automatically switched to a food from the roof of the solar battery located in the panel. For optimum ventilation should be opened дефлекторы 3 and 4.
Ventilation works only at the closed / lifted panel of a roof.
At engine deenergizing in a mode рециркуляции the conditioner is automatically switched to a mode of giving of fresh air.

1.5.4. The conditioner

1.5.6. An independent heater and the fan